Friday, July 20, 2007

More Frequently Asked Questions

Who created the Festival of Maps?

The Festival of Maps was coordinated by a volunteer committee of leading experts and collectors of historical maps, globes and atlases. The Festival of Maps is led by a group of advisors who have interest and experience in the field of cartography.

Why was the Festival of Maps created?

The Festival of Maps was created to advance the knowledge of mapping as well as inspire an appreciation for the field of cartography through exhibitions, lectures, seminars and multimedia presentations.

When is the Festival of Maps?

The Festival of Maps begins in Chicago on Nov. 2, 2007 with the opening of The Field Museum exhibit, Maps: Finding our Place in the World, and continues into 2008. Many exhibits run through January 2008, although some will have longer or shorter runs. Please visit for exact dates, times and locations for Festival of Maps events.


Festival of Maps said...

So excited for the official opening - November 2nd.

Daniel said...

Here's a couple additional questions that I'll throw your way.

Will there be any exhibits highlighting some of the prominent remote sensing, aerial, and cartography pioneers who came from the greater Chicagoland [and suburban] area?


Have there been any discussions toward plans to establish future support for this to become a reoccurring exhibition cycle, as an annual event, centralized by the City of Chicago?