Friday, January 4, 2008

Art Beyond Our Vision Gallery

Art Beyond Our Vision Gallery, an additional gallery to visit during and after the Festival of Maps, features works of art crafted from satellite data recorded from over 400 miles above the Earth. At first glance these images might resemble oil paintings or photographs. In reality, the textures found naturally on the surface of the Earth create the same depth, detail and touch of a skilled brush stroke. Nature leaves its mark and the ABOV artists “paint” that signature.

Below are two works by ABOV artists Larry Ammann and Stuart Black. The first image, Dancer, by Ammann, follows the Colorado River as it flows into Lake Powell on the Utah-Arizona border, through the Glen Canyon dam at Page, Arizona, and then into Marble Canyon. The second image, Liwa Oasis, by Stuart Black, depicts the boundary between the flat coast desert and salt flats of the United Arab Emirates Gulf coast and the start of the Empty Quarter - the world's largest sea of sand dunes.

Dancer by Larry Ammann


Liwa Oasis by Stuart Black

For more information and to view additional works visit

When in Chicago, visit the ABOV gallery located in the River North neighborhood at the intersection of Illinois/Wells Street. Please call or email to set up an appointment. Gallery hours during the week are 10AM – 5PM, evenings and weekends by appointment.

Art Beyond Our Vision Gallery

444 North Wells Street, Suite 205
Chicago, IL 60610
T: 312 925.4191