Friday, July 20, 2007

Festival of Maps Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Festival of Maps?

The Festival of Maps is a Chicago-wide celebration of humanity’s greatest discoveries and the maps that record the world’s boldest explorations.

More than 25 cultural and scientific institutions join a unique collaboration that features maps, globes, artifacts and artwork that track the evolving technology of wayfinding from ancient to modern times.

Is the Festival of Maps only about maps?

The Festival of Maps serves to educate and inspire visitors through exhibits, lectures and multimedia programs that illuminate how societies discover, interpret and record their physical, political, psychological and virtual worlds.

The Festival of Maps contains a wide range of exhibits. Guests can plan to see everything from exquisite art to rare book collections, and botanical explorations to online tours of how technology has influenced explorations. Visitors can become explorers in multiple ways – through sight and sound, in virtual spaces and in-person – to chart new territories for their own adventures.

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